> Set up your COMPUTER, TABLET and SMARTPHONE  (Windows & Mac ~ Apple & Android)

Printer / Copier / Scanner: Set up, Test and Print

> Documents, Labels, Envelopes: Create, Format and Print

> Spreadsheets: Design, Format and Print

e-Mail: Send and Receive; Sort and Manage

Internet: Customize your Home Page; Search and Browse
(Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

> Pictures: Transfer to computer; Organize, Print and e-Mail

> Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint

> Video Conferencing: Skype and FaceTime

> Social Networking (e.g., facebook)

> Security and Updates: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

> Passwords: management and security

> Data: Storage ~ Transfer ~ Backup

> Troubleshooting and more ...


                               S E R V I C E   R A T E S

                                      $ 75 ..... 1.0 hour
                                      $ 95 .... 1.5 hours
                                      $125 .... 2.0 hours

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                                R E V I E W S 

"Sean made sure all my security systems were working ... be sure to have paper and pen to take notes, so you don't forget any of his advice and suggestions."  Nancy - MT. PLEASANT

" ... devotes as much time as needed.  He is able to communicate to novice users."  George - WEST ASHLEY

" ... very knowledgeable and friendly ... patient throughout the lesson ... agreed to stay as long as I needed."  Diane - JOHNS ISLAND

"He is GREAT!  Sean, don't get too popular.  I need you!"  Nancy - CHARLESTON

"I've used Sean's services several times over the past couple of years.  I've always benefited from his knowledge and experience.  I consider him to be my computer consultant."  Al - FOLLY BEACH

"I'm very happy with Sean's service."  Mary - JAMES ISLAND

"It went very well, ... the most bang for my buck!  I learned a lot from my computer tutoring today!"  Debra - N. CHARLESTON

" ... thoroughly checked all my computer programs and took care of all virus issues.  I would recommend Computer Tutor to all my friends and acquaintances."  Margaret - SUMMERVILLE

"Sean is very patient and easy to work with.  He explains things very clearly.  Sean should write a book for beginners like me.  He even used a coupon to save us money for the webcam.  Also, besides instructing me re: smart phone settings, he's helping me select a camera for digital photography and saving me hundreds of dollars.  My husband & I are thankful for his excellent service."  Frances - FOLLY BEACH

​​​​​​​"My husband and I had our banking information compromised.  After attempts to secure my personal computer and phone, we were hacked again.  I knew I needed help.  After meeting with Mr. Marino, I was happy that I called him!  Sean is personable, patient, easy to talk to and speaks in terms us tech dinosaurs understand.  My two hour session went by so fast and was a breeze!  Sean secured my computer, checked for malware and made sure everything was functioning properly.  He shared helpful tips that will enable me to access sites I frequently visit much quicker.  I encourage anyone, especially those hesitant to bring a tech guy into your home, to reach out to the Computer Tutor for help.  His rates are very reasonable!  I feel like I made a friend and won’t hesitate to contact Mr. Marino again!”   Rosemarie - GOOSE CREEK